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Letter to Henley Standard on Henley's Air Pollution Problem

'Towards a Henley Transport Strategy' document

The Mill Meadows Bat Survey Report
Click here for a PDF copy of the Mill Meadows Bat Survey Report, 2014. The survey was kindly paid for by Henley Town Council. >> more

Health and Wellbeing Taster Sessions 2016
A chance for you to experience a variety of Complementary Therapies and begin to learn how you can heal yourself. >> more


"Henley on Thames is a Transition Town” - What does this mean?

Transition addresses the problems of Peak Oil and Climate Change by developing sustainability and resilience within the community.

Transition works by bringing people together to discuss the problem and then to create their own collective story of the future they would like to see. A positive story of a positive future that then leads on to positive and achievable local action.

Transition is not a set of answers. No “Do this then do that and it will all be OK”. There are no guidelines. No rigid rules. No recommendations from the Ministry of Transition. Every community has to create its own vision. Define its own priorities. Erect its own signposts along the possible pathways to its future.

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