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Henley Wildlife group has been amalgamated into Henley in Transition as its wildlife arm.

Work parties will continue as before.

Click here for the HWG website - which will be combined with this site in the near future

Henley Wildlife Group
The main aim of the Henley Wildlife Group is to improve Henley's open spaces for wildlife. We have a licence agreement with the Town Council to manage some areas on Mill Meadows for wildlife, and we are working on returning a small part of the Meadows to wet flower-rich meadow and reed bed, an example of the type of vegetation which would once have been common along the banks of the Thames.

Work Parties
Regular work parties take place at Mill Meadows and other local sites. We generally work from 9:30am until about 12:30pm, with a break at mid-morning when refreshments are provided. The work is never too arduous and they are generally pleasant and sociable occasions.

No previous experience is necessary and tools are provided. Tough clothes and stout footwear are recommended.



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