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Fruit Tree Project

  • Do you have a fruit tree that provides you with more fruit than you can pick - or more than you can eat?
  • Would you like to share and exchange your bounty with others?
  • Would you like help to pick your fruit at the optimum moment?
  • Would you like advice and assistance with care and pruning?
  • Do you like preserving or canning?

The Henley in Transition Fruit Tree Project aims to bring together people with excess fruit harvest and set up an exchange of produce and skills to make the most of natures bounty.

There are experienced fruit growers who can advise on tree care and people who can share preserving skills - and, of course, lots of people who just like fruit!

To register your interest please contact Patrick.

George with his apple tree - he won't need help with his harvest for a few years yet!
Plum Tree in blossom at The Veterinary Centre on Reading Road.


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