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Community Project to Install Low Cost Solar Thermal

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Community Project to Install Low Cost Solar Thermal

Solar water heating has limited uptake because the typical cost of a system is nearly £5,000 and has had an annual return of 0.5 - 1.5%.

Henley Solar has ambitious aims to implement a low cost system to provide solar heated water to homes in Henley and, by stages, nationally. It will be run as a social enterprise. The new system has been implemented successfully at one home since May 2011 and the next stage is 8 to 10 ‘pioneer applications’.

Typical returns from a solar system are only £30 to £80 annually but this will rise to £130 to £180 or more in October when the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is due to become payable (there is still uncertainty over the scheme). While the eventual cost to customers of the new solar system is expected to be somewhat above £1,500, as an incentive for our pioneers we request that only equipment, insurance and roofing costs are covered: £800 (13 to 18% annual return with RHI).

For most small to average homes, a single flat glass panel sized about 1m by 2m will be needed, ideally facing between south east and south west. In the attic the panel will be linked to the plumbing by low-pressure silicone rubber tubes and a 12 Volt pump & controller.

Click Here for full details ( pdf )

The first installation in Henley

The kind of panel being used for the next installations in Henley





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