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Fruit Trees Offer

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A greener Henley: green fingers to the rescue
Henley in Transition has got together with Henley in Bloom, Henley Wildlife Trust and Henley Town Council to help improve the quality of the environment of the town, and ultimately to improve its air quality, by the careful planting and management of trees, hedges, bushes and wild flowers throughout the town.

Nature Conservation on Greys Road
This summer work started on the grass embankment running down Greys Road on the left as you go down the hill. It is now selectively mown by the Council’s outdoor team, led by Gareth Bartle, to encourage existing wild flowers to flourish. Six existing species have emerged and recently these have been joined by a new arrival - a Pyramidal orchid – all for the benefit of passers-by, our bees and other wildlife needing their pollen.


Extending Tilebarn Wood into Henley town
It has always been part of Henley in Transition’s idea for a new Henley forest (started with one acre thanks to Henley Town Council and over 340 trees at Tilebarn Wood) that more trees, hedges, bushes and wild flowers need to be planted throughout the town, to help improve the quality of our environment, and to combat the growing air pollution, by making good the gradual loss of trees in the town.
Henley’s tree population grew significantly in and around the town between 150 and 100 years ago, during the building of Henley’s estates and large houses. Over the last hundred years the tree population has suffered more losses in numbers than gains. Apart from trees being felled because they have overgrown the size of the available space, or become too old, creeping backland development – the practice of knocking down one old house and replacing it with two or more new smaller houses with smaller gardens - has resulted in the felling of many, often large, trees. Most of these have not been replaced.

Fruit trees offer
We believe that there are myriad opportunities for tree planting in road verges, odd corners, and particularly on treeless streets. Henley in Transition has launched a project designed to encourage fellow home owners in the town to consider making your own garden and open spaces greener wherever possible.
Henley in Transition is offering householders the opportunity to buy fruit trees for your front and/or back garden, with free advice on how to plant them and, most importantly, how to manage them over time. They need little work and only a little knowledge. The reward will be there for you and your grandchildren to see! The young trees will cost £15 each for a 4 to 5 foot high plant (1.25m to 1.5m), and you will be invited to join a small group for a demonstration planting and advice on how to care for your new trees in their early years when you place your order.
Why not get together with a group of your neighbours and see how you could improve the view in your street by planting trees in your front gardens? A line of trees in front gardens - along a road or around a cul- de-sac for example- would be very attractive and spectacular when the blossoms are out.

Fruit Tree Selection
The young fruit trees will cost £15 each for a 4 to 5 foot high plant (1.25m to 1.5m) delivered, and when you place your order you will be invited to join a small group for a demonstration planting and given advice on how to care for your new trees in their early years.

The selection offered below, all at £15.00 each, have a better resistance than most to common diseases:

( Click on variety for more information )

Henley in Transition Payment Options
1. By bank transfer to:
Triodos Bank Sort Code 16-58-10
Account Number 20199910
with a reference of your name and an indication of what it is for
eg mcewen fruit tree
2. Cheque made payable to 'Henley in Transition' and post to Henley in Transition, c/o Henley Town Hall, Market Place, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2AQ

Please could you also email henley.in.transition@gmail.com with details of which tree(s) you want to order.

Thank you. Malcolm Dodds Chairman Henley in Transition

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