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Blooming Projects
Blooming projects are well under way - but they will still welcome new members.

Fruit Trees Offer
As part of the Henley Forest project Henley in Transition is offering householders the opportunity to buy fruit trees for your front and/or back garden, with free advice on how to plant them and, most importantly, how to manage them over time. >> more
Henley Forest
Our vision is to build on and link up areas of existing woodland in and around Henley on as large a scale as we can manage, with the long term aim of creating Henley New Forest flowing around and through the town.

How do we respond mentally emotionally and spiritually to who knows what changes will face us in the coming months and years?The Health and Wellbeing Group have organised free Wellbeing Taster Sessions in the Barn every Monday.
Meter Reading Survey
Since May 2009 we have been collecting, on the first day of each month, the Electricity and Gas meter readings from interested Henley and District residents.
Schools Support Group
The Schools Support Group takes the concepts of transition into schools, providing support for staff and refreshing new projects for pupils.
Community Project to Install Low Cost Solar Thermal
We will be launching an offer to Henley householders to install solar systems for domestic hot water at very low cost. It will require oodles of community involvement.
Home > Projects Index > Blooming Projects