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Meter Readings Project

Meter Readings Project

UPDATE July 2013

After four years of collecting meter readings from households in Henley I have produced these two charts showing the comparison for each month of the “Average” consumption in each year.
I have also produced a comparison of temperature deviation from the long term average for the same period.
Obviously there is an increase in heating consumption in cold weather but there are places where this comparison is not exactly predictable. Any thoughts?


I hope, by continuing with our survey, we will soon be able to detect that we are reducing our energy consumption.

UPDATE November 2012
Here are three updated charts which present the averages so far for Gas Electricity and temperature variation from mean.

UPDATE June 2012
3 Years of measuring energy consumption in a sample of Henley homes
We have now been collecting monthly data on energy consumption from a number of households in Henley for three years.
To present data in a relatively simple form this has been used to calculate a monthly “Henley Average”. We hope in time to be able to identify trends in our consumption (preferably downwards!).
Here are three charts which present the averages so far for Gas Electricity and temperature variation from mean.
Clearly our consumption is most affected by the weather, and it will need further analysis to see if any “weather corrected” trend can be detected.
We hope that by merely looking at our monthly readings we will be more aware of our energy use.
I would like to thank all those who have taken part so far and I hope you will all continue to send your readings.
To see the charts of Electricity and Gas usage and a chart of temperature deviations from the average from 2009 to 2012 click Here

UPDATE November 2011
As we are now six months into our third year of recording meter readings, I thought I would explain what I am doing with them.
All the readings for the first two years are still available and can be incorporated in any historical statistics we think will be useful.
As it is difficult to illustrate more than two years of the averaged readings on one char, and as over time there have been changes to regular contributors, I started a new spreadsheet at the beginning of May 2011. I intend to run this for two years, so we will then have a comparison with the first two years. From time to time the latest charts will be available either through the monthly reminder or on the HiT website.

Click here for charts of the readings since May 2011 - PDF file opens in a new window

Scroll down for the charts from 2009 and 2010.


I have produced a curve, (below), comparing our average consumptions of Electricity and Gas in energy units (kWh) rather than as a percentage of our maximum demand.

The new curve emphasises how much more energy we use as heat for our homes and our water compared with energy used in the form of electricity for all the other purposes.


Since May 2009 we have been collecting, on the first day of each month, the Electricity and Gas meter readings from interested Henley and District residents.

Our aim is to measure consumption patterns over the seasons and over a number of years. We hope we will be able to detect a reduction in our use of energy and also provide some statistics which will allow individual families to compare their usage with the average for all the participants.

We are also plotting the monthly average temperature variation from “normal” to give us a measure of weather conditions.

We believe that an immediate benefit has been that many participants are taking a new interest in their own energy consumption. A number have obtained “Smart Meters” so the effect of their various electrical devices can be measured. A number of the power companies are even offering free Smart Meters.

As the months pass we will be able to show the changes from last year. The data from the first 24 Months is shown on the two charts below. The first shows the seasonal variation and is plotted as a percentage of the maximum monthly consumption in December 2009 and the second shows whether the average monthly temperature was warmer or colder than normal.

Data from the first year of our survey is shown in one colour and the data from the second year is shown in a slightly brighter shade.

We are looking for more contributors who can respond to a monthly email and send us your meter readings, which will be used anonymously. We are particularly interested if you have fitted any solar or wind generation and are exporting your surplus energy.

To get involved, please contact Charles Langler


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