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Schools Support Group

We take the core values of Henley-in-Transition into local schools and colleges. Our interest is two-fold.

Firstly, we aim to provide impetus and support for climate change and peak oil learning opportunities for today’s pupils through assemblies and projects.

Secondly, we work with schools in their ‘transition’ process, as institutions within our community, helping them to reduce their carbon emissions.

We would love to have more people involved, more ideas, more folk dressed up as Percy the Penguin in front of an assembly to help get the message over. If you think that you would like to find out more than contact Viv Greenwood.

Amazon Alphabet Masks

What have we done so far? (We are only part of the picture, many schools are already running a variety of climate change related projects)

Trinity School
May 2009 – Junior School Assembly, about the basics of climate change, and introducing Henley-in-Transition.
June 2009 – Project Genie books used for basis of discussion and activity by Years 5 and 6.
February 2010 – Arranged for the Northmoor Trust to run workshops for each class, on topics ranging from (VIV can you fill in?)
July 2010 - Working with three Year 5/6 groups - 90+ pupils on the Amazing Amazon Alphabet, highlighting loss of natural resources through a teaching alphabet. The three groups will perform their interpretation thtoughout the school which should be great fun. Viv helped out with mask making, props, etc throughout July. ( Right )

Youth Council
February 2010 – Presentation to Youth Councillors, and structured discussion on uses of oil, current activities to reduce carbon emissions, and opportunities at home and at school.

Badgemore School
May 2010 – Junior School Assembly

A few school climate change facts!

As of April 2010, energy use in schools counts towards the total emissions of local authorities under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, a mandatory trading scheme that will encourage local authorities to reduce emissions.

90% of children think their school can take action to help tackle climate change
Climate Change Youth Tracker Survey, LVQ/DEFRA, July 2008

England’s schools system is responsible for 9.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Heat and power used in school buildings account for 37% of those emissions. Bold decisions and strong support from central and local government could allow schools to halve their carbon footprint by 2020
Sustainable Development Commission, Carbon Emissions from Schools, July 2008

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