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Wellbeing Group

As we undergo who knows what kind of changes in the coming months and years, how will we respond mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What support do we have that is uniting and accessible to all? The Wellbeing Group explores ways to help Henley community as it find ways to become more resilient and sustainable.

So far:
In the autumn of 2010, working with a group of Henley’s complementary therapists, we set up a free drop in centre to give the people of Henley the opportunity to experience a variety of therapies and to begin to learn how they can heal themselves. These sessions are free of charge, but we will invite those who attend the sessions to offer a donation towards the charity Giving Africa. This charity aims to build a school in the very poor West African country of Burkino Faso.

Weekly Free BeWell Sessions
Every Monday 12.00 – 2.00pm in the King’s Arms Barn
Our Monday sessions at the King’s Arms Barn continue to be popular with people of the town and the therapists themselves. This generous offer of free complimentary healing sessions has been taken up by office workers in their lunch break, Town Hall staff, members of the over 60’s club and casual visitors who have read about us in the press. Our hope is to continue these sessions into the early summer and we are most grateful to the Henley Town Council for supporting this Transition initiative and allowing us free use of the Barn. Click here for details of which therapies are available each week

Advance Notice of Wellbeing Group Event
28th March 7.00 for 7.30pm Council Chamber Henley Town Hall
Do you know how crystal healing works? Ever tried Laughter Yoga? Do you know how to treat and heal yourself by choosing the right diet? On Monday 28th March at Henley Town Hall three of our complimentary therapists will be sharing their wisdom with us. Come along to this free evening and listen to some interesting ideas.

Henley’s Ley Lines
Did you know that Henley has Ley Lines and Vortexes? Put the date of Monday 26 September in your diary when Val Stoner will explain to us what this all means for us and our town.

Getting Involved
If you would like further infoamtion or are interested in getting involved in the Wellbeing Group please contact Gill Dodds


Home > Projects Index > Seedling Projects> Wellbeing