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Enabling Group

The Enabling Group

The "Enabling Group" is made up of representatives from each project and meets regularly to compare notes, to provide mutual support and to synchronise events in order to avoid clashes or duplicated effort.

If you have an idea for community based action which you think Henley in Transition should support, come along to one of our meetings and talk to us about it. We are there to help make ideas become reality where we can. The role of the "Enabling Group" is not to direct projects or interfere with their development. It is there to make life easier for everyone. A place to share problems and successes. Somewhere to share skills and knowledge.

It is a shared forum to discuss the role of transition within the community and to confirm that, as a wider group, Henley in Transition is following a valid and effective path towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

Meetings are open to all. Anybody is welcome to come along and contribute. Just contact Malcolm Dodds to find the date and venue of the next meeting.

A bit of Henley in Transition History

The "Enabling Group" started life, when Transition in Henley was newly conceived, as the initial "Steering Comittee". Made up of the initial handful of people who had come together to form a transition group, the comittee arranged public meetings to promote awareness explore ideas, identify topics of consensus and where there was support for action. and oversaw the birth of several transition projects including the LCCC award application and last winters infra red survey.

From the "Transition Handbook" - Which can be downloaded free, here.

"Set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset
This stage puts a core team in place to drive the project forward during the initial phases.
We recommend that you form your Steering Group with the aim of getting through stages 2 – 5, and agree that once a minimum of four sub-groups (see #5) are formed, the Steering Group disbands and reforms with a person from each of those groups. This requires a degree of humility, but is very important in order to put the success of the project above the individuals involved. Ultimately your Steering Group should become made up of 1 representative from each sub-group."

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