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Low Carbon Communities Challenge

Low Carbon Communities Challenge

The Department of Energy and Climate Change called for projects proposals from communities designed to reduce their carbon footprint. We put a team together in late 2009 who laboured through the Christmas period to produce our vision and proposals, and collect letters of support from numerous organisations within the town. Our bid was one of around two hundred and fifty full applications.

Out of these full applications, DECC were only able to support 22 projects. The selection panel provided the following summary feedback on Henley in Transition's application:

“The town's HiT group have defined actions and objectives around sustainability and one of these is to be carbon neutral by 2012. It has four projects under this banner which have been put forward for LCCC funding: a hydro power exhibition centre, a trial solar power Greenhouse Development, Henley Forest and various retrofit projects. HiT appears to be a really active, well organised group with considerable ambition. They are well linked to the local key organisations as well as other appropriate local and national sustainability groups.

The application is quite close to the success criteria in many places however a lack of detail exists on how the projects would be delivered and the potential carbon savings. There is good community buy-in and support for HiT, enthusiasm from members demonstrated by the progress made and action in only 12 months.”

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