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Seed Projects:
Seed projects are suggestions for initiatives that have come out of various conversations. They don't have anyone interested in their development - yet!

Seedling Projects:
Seedling projects have someone who is interested in building a project team that you can contact to get the project into action.

Blooming Projects:
Blooming projects have several people involved and are progressing towards their goals. They will still be welcoming of new members and there is a person to contact to join the team.

Harvested Projects:
Harvested projects have run their course and completed the task they set themselves. There is still a contact person so that you can ask for advice about how it all went.
Canes Projects:
Canes projects are projects which offer support to other groups within Henley in Transition. Their role is to make it easier for projects to gather support - and to maintain contact between projects.
Home > Projects Index