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Seed Projects
Seed projects are suggestions for initiatives that have come out of various conversations. They don't have anyone interested in their development - yet!
If you are interested in planting a seed and creating a seedling then contact us and we will do all we can to help.
Food 30 mile meals
Green Directory
Supermarket Packaging
Plastic Bags
Growing Your Own Veg
Sharing Surplus

Food Forest
Garden Share
Bee Keeping

Transport Cycle Tracks
Walking Buses
School Run
Improve Public Transport
Car Sharing
Dial a Bus
Electric Transport
Air Quality
Energy Hydropower
Wind Power
Air Source
Heat Pumps
Solar Panels
Cooperative Energy Purchasing
Money Local Currency
LETS / Bartering Local Freecycle
Health Green Gym
Health Walks Meditation
Education Transition film for schools
Projects in schools Cooking Lessons
Art Art Works Theatre Projects Video Project
Other Sewing Group
Repairing / Recycling / Link Young People with Old
Home > Projects Index > Seed Projects