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It is Good to Be Aware

It is Good to Be Aware

A big part of the Henley in Transition group is about awareness:

Being AWARE of what we have here on our doorstep. We live in a beautiful place in an area of outstanding natural beauty and we have the vast energy of the river running through the Henley valley. A huge resource in itself.

We need to be AWARE and take care of the resources we have and use them to our highest benefit. Whether it is just enjoying the beauty of the countryside and the river and the fun we can have in terms of sport and leisure. Or whether we can look at ways to put the land we have around to good use to benefit everyone who lives here. There is probably a lot of land that is not used that could create growing spaces for vegetables or oxygen giving plants. Perhaps we can even harness the power of the river to create energy for lighting.

The Henley in Transition group has come together with the meeting of a diverse and interesting group of people from a wide range of backgrounds. They have various and varied skills and knowledge, and are actively thinking about how we can conserve our energy and resources at a local level. We can be AWARE that everyone has something to offer and that by coming together we are more creative and dynamic in our thinking and actions.

Henley in Transition is growing and the AWARENESS is growing. So get involved and make new friends and tap into your own resources.

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