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Garden Share

How Does Garden Share Work?
Garden Share aims to introduce garden owners with unused or unmanageable plots to people who would love to grow their own food, but don't have access to a garden or allotment.

Growing vegetables is becoming increasingly popular, and we do need to grow more of our own food in this country. However there can be long waiting lists for allotments and, at the same time, there are many people with gardens or large areas of land that need cultivation. Matching up and drafting a mutually beneficial agreement between potential growers and sharers can be organised by members of the transition group. The growers usually give a proportion of their produce to the garden sharer in lieu of rent. The relationship may evolve to include the sharing of tools, expertise, chats and cups of tea!

The Garden Group already has one member, who lives near Henley, with a suitable plot, who would like to find some keen gardeners to share and cultivate her land. We would like to set up a network of growers and sharers and provide support and advice.

If you are interested in sharing your underused garden - or in space to grow food in someone elses then please contact the Garden Group, we will be delighted to hear from you.

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