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Seedling Projects
Seedling projects are seeds that someone has planted, but which still need nurturing and some more members before they bloom.
A Local Currency for Henley
A local currency for Henley can help strengthening the local economy, raise awareness of the possibility of local trade, build community spirit, reduce the town’s carbon footprint, and build a strong community profile.

Photo Voltaic Solar Panel Group
A group to inform and educate about photo voltaic panels, to encourage their installation and to research opportunities for bulk purchase.
Promote Low Water Use
We want to provide information to encourage people to get water meters installed to minimise water use and to save them money.

Garden Share
Garden Share aims to introduce garden owners with unused or unmanageable plots to people who would love to grow their own food, but don't have access to a garden or allotment.

It is Good to Be Aware
We want to spread the word about Transition to all the population of Henley
Home > Projects Index > Seedling Projects