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A Local Currency for Henley

A Local Currency for Henley

The willingness of Local Traders, Residents, and the support of the Local Authority is vitally important in the success of Henley setting-up a local currency. If you would like to receive more information or are interested in helping set-up a local currency for Henley then please contact me, Toby Fletcher

Why have a local currency?

Benefits for the community

A local currency promotes local trade and helps communities by:

Strengthening the local economy: According to research by the new economics foundation (nef), money spent in local outlets stays in the community and benefits it up to 3 times more than money spent in a supermarket.

Raise awareness of the possibility of local trade: A local currency brings local trade into the public awareness, as a result of which residents will be able to make a more informed choice when they go shopping.

Building community spirit: A local currency brings the community together. It is a common thread throughout the community that residents identify with, and feel proud of. Furthermore, communities that use local currencies use this as a focal point for communications and local events.

Reducing carbon footprint: Local businesses are more likely to buy from local suppliers, further growing the local economy and reducing the miles goods have to be transported to reach consumers.

Strong community profile: Many communities using local currencies have found that having a local currency puts the community ‘on the map’ and helps to attract visitors and press to the town. It also raises the town’s profile should it seek to raise funds for community initiatives.

Click on an image for more information about each currency

The Totnes Pound - issued by Transition Town Totnes

The Lewes Pound - Issued by Transition Town Lewes

Two Stroud Pounds - Issued by Transition Stroud

The Brixton Pound - Issued by Transition Town Brixton

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