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Promoting Low Water Use

We opted to have a meter fitted - see the story below. It reduced our water wastage and saves us about £300 per annum. Green and economical! Who would like to join me in promoting water meters to the Henley Community. Contact Liz Smith

Background Case Study:-
My home is a band F house in Belle Vue Road. It has three bedrooms and a medium sized garden. It has two showers, two toilets, bath plus a dishwasher and washing machine. We are a family of two adults and one 12 year old. We use the dishwasher daily, washing machine 5 times per week and we all shower daily, sometimes

One shower does have an eco-setting that reduces the water flow slightly and we have one dual flush toilet.

When we bought the house (May 2008) an annual water bill (based on our banding) was issued for £443.
I immediately requested a water meter, waited until August 2008 to have it fitted and was subsequently sent a payment plan requesting 12 monthly instalments of £21, equating to £252 per annum

Based on our actual usage over the previous year, in August 2009 our payment per month was reduced to £13 and our annual bill £156. The meter will be read again in August 2010 and I expect our bill to be around £140.

The water meter has reduced our water costs by £300 per annum or approximately £6 per week. We still do everything just as before, including watering our garden when the water butt is empty!
Smaller households can save considerably more, particularly older residents who may live alone and have a higher council banding.

Thames Water have some free offers on their web site:

Hippo Water-Saver - Retain up to 2.5 litres of water with every flush.

Save-a-flush - save up to 1 litre of water with every flush.

Click HERE

Water Butts from Thames Water
Buy one get one half price therefore store 380 litres for £56 including delivery

Home > Projects Index > Seedling Projects> Water Metering