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Green Solutions to Henley’s Traffic Problems

Henley Transport Project

Report on Meeting held on Wednesday 24th September at 7.30pm in the Town Hall

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HiT Response to OCC LTP4 Consultation Aug 2014

Henley Transport Project Summary Report Nov 2013

Press release on HGV's sent to Henley Standard and Henley Herald

Pedestrianisation Manifesto

Pedestrianisation Map

Newsletter - April

HGVs - motion passed by Henley Town Council
HGVs John Howell's initiative
Public Transport Reports
1.Rail Users meeting with John Howell
2.Rail User Group to be formed
3.Local Bus Timetables to be put on-line
Cycling Group Update
Pedestrianisation Plan submitted to Neighbourhood Plan
Minutes of the last Henley Transport Project meeting 25th Feb
Contacts for working groups

HGVs - motion passed by Henley Town Council
Henley Town Council (HTC) have passed a motion supporting the implementation of a Weight Restriction Traffic Regulation Order on the grounds of congestion, danger to pedestrians, noise, air quality and damage to buildings from vibration. This is the first step on the road(!) to dramatically reduce the number of HGVs that pass through the town but have no business here. Thanks go to Justin Bowles who thoroughly researched the issue and put the case to Henley Town Council. You can read Justin's briefing here: Click here to download (.doc)
We understand that the next step is likely to be a meeting between OCC and HTC to discuss the issue further.

HGVs - John Howell's initiative
The first meeting in March was attended by community groups and councillors from Henley, Watlington and many parishes across the South Oxfordshire constituency. Concerns were shared about traffic problems and working groups on HGVs & weight limits, signage and enforcement were set up. A second meeting was held on 11th April to enable the working groups to report back. Sensible recommendations were made but several people reported that 'OCC are the stumbling block'. John agreed to coordinate a meeting with OCC to thrash out the issues raised.

Public Transport
Reports from Patrick Fleming and Susan Edwards

1. Rail Users meeting with John Howell
50-60 people attended. Lots of questions from commuters about specific trains, punctuality, overcrowding etc. The representative from First Great Western was very good, knew the issues and had well thought out responses. He made a note of all of the points made and will report back at a further meeting in 3 month's time.
Electrification is in the next 5 year plan which will mean new rolling stock of course - that's good news. On the down side, the franchise is up for renewal in September next year so there are not going to be significant timetable improvements before then. Engineering works for Crossrail are also likely to restrict improvements for the next 3 years.
Perhaps the most important thing was the interest in the formation of a rail user group for Henley - see below.

2. Rail User Group to be formed
The campign to secure and improve the train service has taken a leap forward by capitalising on the initiative of our MP John Howell. We are in the process of constituting a Rail User Group for the Henley Branch line and as a result of the appeal at the meeting we have the interest of David Nimmo-Smith (County Councillor), Will Hamilton (Town Councillor) and five other rail users. We have the support of the Marlow and Maidenhead Passenger Association in setting this group running and we intend to put out a further appeal to increase membership of the group.

3. Local Bus Timetables to be put on-line
We have proposed the creation of a webpage to take the place of the bus leaflet previously published by OCC. Ian Petrie, our web master, is working on this. Eventually we hope to have a resource that can be easily accessed through various local web sites - Henley in Transition, Henley Town Council, Henley Standard etc.
Our next focus will be to put forward proposals for improvements to the schedules and routes.

Cycling Group Update -
Report from Ron White and Ed Atkinson
Although there is little to report since the last Transport meeting, the inclusion of cycling routes within the Neighbourhood Plan has been encouraged by providing details of two specific routes – the north-south cross town route, and the ‘Tesco’ route – for incorporation in the plan. A briefing document has also been submitted, emphasising the importance of placing such routes within an integrated traffic management plan, rather than dealing with cycling routes on a piecemeal basis, and of taking into account the diverse needs of the range of cyclists using such routes in Henley. Contact has been made with the G.S. cycling club, who will be a useful source of advice, while, by contrast, the approach to Tesco has not yielded any further expressions of interest or support on their part. An attempt will be made to investigate case studies of implementing cycling routes from other comparable towns in the region.

Pedestrianisation Plan submitted to Neighbourhood Plan
A small group of us (Jim Stoner, retired traffic engineer, Malcolm Dodds, Dave McEwen) worked with David Parry on his initial ideas to produce a vision that we have submitted for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan. We felt that there was a need for a comprehensive plan to deal with the additional traffic problems caused by 450 new homes in Henley itself as well as additional housing units in the surrounding towns and villages. We realised that to date we had considered the problems on a piecemeal basis; how do we reduce pollution, tackle congestion, create more cycle paths, improve public transport, make life safer for pedestrians etc, instead of looking for a vision that would tackle these issues in one plan. This is 'work in progress' - we have a long way to go before our ideas are finalised. However, we are excited by the possibilities and will share them with you at the next Transport Project meeting on 20th May.

Contacts for working groups:
Facilitator, Henley Transport Project
Dave McEwen 01491 578658 or 07703 102688

HGVs / Air Pollution Justin Bowles
Cycling / Walking Ron White
Public Transport Patrick Fleming
Pedestrianisation, Cars & Parking Dave McEwen


Henley Transport Project Newsletter - April 2014
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Minutes of the meeting on 25th February for your information.
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Motion to Request Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to Enact a Weight-Restriction Traffic Regulation Order for Henley
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Minutes of the meeting on 13th January for your information. A big thank you to Malcolm Dodds for producing these.
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Weight Restriction Traffic Order for Henley produced by Justin Bowles and presented in the form of a letter to the Town Council's Traffic Advisory Committee.
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Encouraging update from Tudor Taylor, Chairman of Shiplake Parish Council, about the Shiplake-Henley Cycle Path.
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